Life Hack: Nail Polish That Can Spot Date-Rape Drugs         

So I learned something cool - with “Undercover Colors” nail polish, you can simply dip your finger into your drink, and it will change color if the drink contains Rohypnol, Xanax, or GHB, the most common date-rape drugs.

Happy Birthday, Tip.


They look like the two people on your shoulders when you have to make a decision 😂


"Souled Out" album Tracklist:

1. Brave2. To Love & Die (ft. Cocaine 80’s)3. Beautiful Ruin4. It’s Cool5. Lyin King6. Wading7. The Pressure8. Eternal Sunshine9. Limbo Limbo Limbo10. Promises11. W.A.Y.S12. Pretty Bird


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America’s sweetheart

Anonymous said: Have you ever gotten in a fight?


A fight against Satan everyday and I win #blessed


Do you ever wonder where the hell you would be if you hadn’t made those certain decisions that caused you to cry?

Probably still living with my mama. Definitely wouldn’t be as strong, independent, and successfully self-reliant as I am now. You have to do shit that makes you cry so that you can learn what to do to make yourself smile.