The first word you see is your other-half’s zodiac sign!It’s the one you are subconsciously attracted to the most.Which zodiac sign did you see first?

Scorpio. Which is funny, because I already know that’s my better half.




remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

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CRAZY!! id never now

Instagram has no chill whatsoever 😂😂

Life Hack: Nail Polish That Can Spot Date-Rape Drugs         

So I learned something cool - with “Undercover Colors” nail polish, you can simply dip your finger into your drink, and it will change color if the drink contains Rohypnol, Xanax, or GHB, the most common date-rape drugs.

Happy Birthday, Tip.


They look like the two people on your shoulders when you have to make a decision 😂


"Souled Out" album Tracklist:

1. Brave2. To Love & Die (ft. Cocaine 80’s)3. Beautiful Ruin4. It’s Cool5. Lyin King6. Wading7. The Pressure8. Eternal Sunshine9. Limbo Limbo Limbo10. Promises11. W.A.Y.S12. Pretty Bird